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Let’s be grateful to Mother Nature, the best creation of god, for being the source of our living. Coconut is one of the best products of nature. In Sanskrit language, it is called “Kalpa vriksha”, a wish-fulfilling divine tree. Every part of the tree is useful to human life. In Malay language, it is called "pokok seribu guna", the tree of a thousand uses.


Trunk is used for furniture, house construction and handicrafts.


Leaves are used to make brooms, utility roof and a variety of products for furnishing and decorations.


Husk is used to produce coir which is used in ropes, mats, door mats, brushes, sacks, caulking for boats, and as stuffing fiber for mattresses.


Coconut shell is a source of charcoal and is also used for various handicrafts.

Coconut water

Coconut water provides hydration and is consumed throughout humid tropics.

Coconut meat

Coconut meat/nut is mainly used fresh or dried in cooking and to produce Coconut oil, Coco milk and many other coconut products.

About us

We started Shree Exports in 2014. I was working for a software company as a developer. My father is a farmer and I always felt his passion for growing and supplying quality agricultural products needed encouragement apart from local market.. I spoke to like-minded friends who were in different fields but believes agriculture is the backbone of India and Indian farmers has the potential to meet the demand of agro products in the global market.

We understand the value of agricultural products and have high respect for mother earth. We learn and experience purity from nature and mother earth, and want everyone in this world feel the same when they consume products of our earth

Experience Commitment

We push ourselves to deliver the commitment of each shipment in a better way than our last best. When it comes to commitment, we know it is a promise and “A promise is a promise”.

So, you will experience our commitment to,

  • Purity
  • Quality
  • Tasty
  • Packing
  • Product Delivery

  • APEDA-Logo

    The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was established by the Government of India under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act, 1985.

    Its functions are,
    • Promotion of export oriented production and development

    • Setting standards and specifications for the agro products

    • Improving packaging and marketing of agro and various food products

    • Supporting manufactures of processed food product industry for exports

    We have been member of APEDA since 2014 and our registration number with APEDA is 178178.

    For more details visit

  • Coconut-development-Board-logo

    Coconut Development Board is a statutory body established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

    Its functions are,
    • Focus on increasing Productivity

    • Product diversification

    • Encouraging adoption of modern technologies for processing of coconut and its products

    • Regulating imports and exports of coconut and its products

    We have been member of CDB since 2014 and our registration number with CDB is 15161841.

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  • It is mainly used for direct consumption in cooking.
  • We pick coconuts that are 60 - 90 days old from the tree.
  • Usaually coconuts will be kept in sunlight for 15 - 30 days to extract moisture out of it. This will increse the shelf life of coconuts
  • Coconuts will be peeled off(removing outer husk) after getting an order from buyer
  • We handpick coconuts for packing based on the requirement and specifications given by buyers


Coconut weight- 550gms and above
Circumference - 13inch~
Packing - 25 coconuts per PP bag or Custom Packing


  • Our Trimmed Tender Coconuts are good in taste with delicious juice and soft pulp.
  • Best young coconuts will be chosen for trimming in diamond shape.
  • Trimmed Coconut will have a flat bottom and round body with a pyramid top.
  • Further it will be washed by RO Water in three stages and dried at room temperature to retain the colour of husk.
  • Coconuts will finally be wrapped with food grade shrink film and packed in carton boxes.


Product Shape - Diamond shape
Weight - 1.5kg~
Packing - Carton Boxes; 6 and 9 Nos per box
Shelf Period - 25 to 30 Days stored at 12 to 15°C


  • Tender coconut water is natural refreshing drink.
  • Two Varieties of Tender Coconuts: 1.Country 2.Hybrid
  • Depends on the requirement, we pick tender coconuts from tress and bring it to ground with special handling.
  • It will be graded according to its size
  • And it will be finally packed in 5ply corrugated boxes.


Product - Tender Coconut
Weight - 2.5kg~
Colour - Green
Packing - Corrugated box; 4 Nos per box or Custom packing
Shelf Period - 25 to 30 Days stored at 12 to 15°C


  • Two types of copra. 1. Millling 2.Edible
  • The edible dried-out shredded coconut meat was prepared from fresh kernel of fully matured coconut
  • It will be shredded after removing the brown testa of copra
  • Once shredded, it will dried in hot air driers at 140-1700F to reduce the moisture content.
  • It will be packed in the HDPE or Paper Bags


S.No Test Requirement Protocol Result
1 Total Fat/Oil Content IS:966-1999 Reaffiremed 2005 70.14%
2 Moisture Content 0.39%
3 Total Ash 1.92%
4 FFA of Fat in terms of Lauric Acid 0.07%
5 Protein AOAC 18th Edtn.950.48 4.82%
6 Crude Fibre IS:7874 Part I - 1975 Reaffiremed 2004 2.17%
7 Carbohydrates AOAC 18th Edtn.986.25 20.56%

Quality & Packing

Our understanding of quality is “What you sow, you reap”. Our buyers will get what is committed to them. “What we commit, we deliver”.

Quality of each trade is not only limited to coconuts but also involves packing and timing of delivery.

Packing is as important as the quality of coconut itself. Packing can make or break lasting relationship between a buyer and supplier because poor packing will affect quality of coconuts.

Proper packing will prevent damage and fight time to retain quality of coconuts during shipment. It also makes loading and unloading process being handled in a better way at different stages of its travel.

Hence, we give high importance to,
1. Coconuts – Weight, Circumference, Moisture
2. Packing and Loading
3. Meeting timelines

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